Risis Management and the Aaron Hernandez Saga

For the first page and a half, please give a brief background on the Aaron Hernandez crisis.

Please discuss the following.

1. What organizational theories are most relevant to the analysis of your case and the organizational response?

2. How did the crisis affect different stakeholder groups?

3. Describe the organizational response. To what extent was organizational culture a factor in creating, exacerbating, and responding to the crisis? What role did mass media play in the crisis and what media strategy did the organization employ to respond?

4. What were the ethical challenges involved? Did globalization and ethnocentrism play a role in creating or contributing to the crisis? If so, how?

5. What image restoration approaches did the organization employ? Were spokespersons effective?

6. In conclusion, briefly summarize what worked in the organizationas favor, what did not? If you had been on the management team, what would you do or recommend differently?