Risis Signal Detection and Monitoring/ crisis vulnerability assessment of Facebook Company

Part A: company summary
write a detailed description of the company, it should include key facts like:
mission, purpose, and nature of company
-products and/or services (detailed)
-research and development, progression, production, raw materials, storage and distribution of products and services
-location of headquarter: divisions, brach offices, production, processing and distribution plants: storage facilities; and other properties
-construction and surroundings area of any of these properties
-technologies associated with the company or orginization
-computer and communication systems(internal and external)
-ownership and managment
-employees: categories; brief description of each category; degree of contact with customers, clients, and the public; special training; On the jobrisks and hazards
-profession, business, or industry with which the company of organization is associated and current problematic issues, risks or vulnerability, reputation threat, or other factor that could pose a potential crisis
any aspect of the company that could be a potential target for terrorism
-any previous problematic, damaging, or crisis situations
other information that could be relevant to the companies crisis prevention, preparation, and planning, management, response, communication, and recovery.

Part B: Crisis Sensing mechanism
Identify and explain 10 sepcific information sources, that you would regularly monitor to detect potential crisis signals for that company.

Explain what type of information and/or potential crisis signals you could obtain from these sources.

Identify and explain 3 potential crisis signals for the company that was found when reviewing your specific information sources. Name the specific information sources.

Part C: Crisis Vulnerability assessment

Brainstorm a list of potential crisis situations that your company could face. using this list of potential crisis situations, conduct a crisis vulnerability assessment.

Based on this assignment, rank the top 10 potantial crises according to there crisis vulnerability score. ( highest to the lowest score of the top 10 potential crises)

Explain your reasons for assigning these vulnerability numbers to these potential crises during your vulnerability assessment. why would these 10 situations be a crisis for the company?

this assignment must be at last 6 pages double-spaced