Ristotle, Eudaimonia, and Egoistic Hedonism

The question is as follows: According to Aristotle, what is the role of pleasure in a happy or Eudaimon life? What is the relation between pleasure and virtue, and why does Aristotle think pleasure is particularly important in moral education? How much of a reply does Aristotle have to the egoistic hedonist, who thinks that the only thing worth striving for for its own sake is ones own experience of pleasure (and avoidance of pain)? Ultimately just how different are the positions of Aristotle and the egoistic hedonist.

The paper is to address and answer each question thoroughly. The use of outside sources is discouraged. Any material from the assigned reading (Aristotle: Nichomachean Ethics) should be followed with a parenthetical citation, example (NE, P.10)