Ristotles Model of Persuasion: Is It Still Relevant Today?

Essay question…

Outline the main aspects of Aristotles Model of Persuasion. Using at least one contemporary case study discuss whether you believe the model is still relevant today.

The essay will be marked according to the following criteria.

1)Evidence of background reading.

2)Analysis of relevant academic studies.

3)Relevance of answer to the question.

4)Presentation (including correct referencing and bibliography).

5)Quality of writing meaning can discerned.

Remember to read the question carefully to work out exactly what the question is asking for.

A clear introduction setting out what you intend to achieve in the essay and how you intend to answer the question is important. A good introduction will help you order yor subsequent material.

You should take care to demonstrate that you have provided evidence for all claims and arguments you make. Sourcing and referencing are extremely important. It is essential to conform to Harvard referencing system.
Essay must be referenced using Harvard Referencing System.

Below books will contain relevant information to the essay and some should be referred to.

1)Hargie, O. et al. (2004)Skilled Interpersonal Communication. 4th ed, London, Routledge
2) Barker, A (2004), Improve Your Communicatin Skills, Kogan Page, London
3)Hargie, O, (1997), The Handbook of Commincation Skills, London, Routledge
4)Hewstone, M. et al (2001) Introduction to Social Psychology. Blackwell, Oxford
5)Napier, R et al. (1993), Groups Theory and Experience, Houghton Mifflin, Boston