Ritcal discuss and evaluate a retail failure

1. In the first section of your assignment, start with giving general information about the company (e.g. who are they, what do they sell, etc). Keep this part short. Then, based on the 6-8 quotes that you found from newspapers, business magazines, videos, etc. regarding the failure, write down why the failure has happened. Please use the quotes as your evidence and cite them. Here, your arguments need to be organised through the literature, such as Company XXX failed in international divestment, because they have overlooked the cultural integration. You might need to cite relevant literature here for the theoretical underpinnings, but you do not need to explain the theory. This is going to happen in the next section.

2. Second Section(literature review): in this section you will explain the overarching theory/ies that you have identified in the first section. While doing this, explain the theory, explain how it is applied to retail industry (specifically if it is from another discipline), demonstrate the weaknesses and strengths of the theory with the concept of your case company. That is, think from a contradictory perspective and challenge the theory. You need to provide academic references to do this.Try to limit the number of theories, otherwise you will have difficulty in collating your ideas.

3rd Part Lessons Learned
A summary and/or a conclusion which reflects your own understanding of the situation and lessons learned from the failure.

4th Part Future Directions
In part 4 of the essay write down how you would have acted if you were the Retail Marketing Executive of your case company and Provide a discussion on how this company should proceed. Namely, future directions.While writing this part of the essay, incorporate your own ideas with the theories you have read and researched throughout this module and assignment.
note: use tesco as a case to analysis