Ritcally Evaluate the use of qualitative methodologies within the social sciences

Provide an over view of what qualitative research is, provide 3 examples of qualative research methods,providing arugments to their strengths and limiations.Finally conclude assessing what place qualitative reserach has within the social sciences.

Marking criteria

Discussion of key issues relating to the question
Demonstrate indepth thinking, analysis and interpretation.
Harvard format.

Include reference at the end.

Reading material

*Willig, C. (2001) Introducing Qualitative Research in Psychology: Adventures in theory and method. Open University Press. Chapter 1 (1-14)

*Denzin, N. & Lincoln, Y. (2008) Introduction: The Discipline and Practice of Qualitative Research. Chapter 1 in Denzin N. & Lincoln Y. (eds) (2008) Collecting and Interpreting Qualitative Materials. London: Sage

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Maynard, M and Purvis, J (eds.) (1995) Researching women s lives from a feminist perspective London; Taylor & Francis

* essential

Please feel free to include any other relevant reading within the social sciences