Ritical Analsysis Paper on Black Panther Party

This paper is for an Ethnic Studies Course:

This paper must be written as a Critical Analysis approach NOT as a synopsis of the event.

Must use two outside sources (only one can be a website). Currently I am reading the book: Black Against Empire: by Joshua Bloom and Waldo E Martin. Maybe you can use direct and the exact words author quotes from this book and page numbers.

Instructions for paper:

1. Start the paper with something that will capture readers attention.

Highlight thesis in blue. Try to convince other people of your point of view, then support your point of view.

2. Do not use first person.

3. Use at least two outside sources (only one can be a website.) Use scholarly sources and cite using the author words and place quotes around quoted material with page number. PLEASE use material that I can have access to either from a local library or the internet. PLEASE do not use scholarly sources that I have to pay for. If possible, attach the material/pages you quote from following the essay.

This paper MUST BE a CRITICAL ANALYSIS about a subject on the Black Panther Party. Please develop a critical approach and analysis. The key is to evaluate. What is worthwhile, useful, important, significant, valid or truthful.

Maybe the thesis can start something like: The circumstances surrounding the Black Panther Party reveal…? OR the thesis can surround the fact that this organization was disbanded due to racial inequality.

No using authors exact words unless quoted with page numbers.

Create a work cited page.