Ritical analyse and critique the articleTranformative to Learning by Cranton”

Choose two articles as a tool ( I choose Brookfied: Breaking the Code and What it means to be a critically reflective teacherto demonstrate the content of selected article which is Transformative to Learning by Cranton”, the arguments and underpining assumptions. For example you use the methods promoted in Brookfields Breaking the Code to analyse and critique another article. You also need to apply the tools to identify your own views an assumptions; and do a brief comparison of how the differnt methods worked as tools for analysing the article and identifying yourown views and assumptions.

More focus on the underpining assumptions of the article Tranformative to Learning by Cranton”

I do not need a big references list, just Brookfied, Cranton and may be Deshler-concept mapping.

Note: the tools for critical reflection and Crantons article attached by email