Ritical analyses of the use of CPAP in a High Dependency care ward.

Assignment guidelines
Title: A critical analysis of a nursing intervention for a highly dependent patient
Format: A written assignment of 3,000 words

Summative Guidelines:
” The essay should be structured in essay style, but sub-headings may be used. It should include an introduction, main body and conclusion. The essay should be logical with lines of argument developed.

” From one of the scenarios used during the course, select one identified patient problem
Scenario-Patient with respiratory failure

” Identify an appropriate nursing intervention when a caring for a patient with that problem.
-Use of CPAP on a patient, what type of respiratory failure requires the use of CPAP

” Give a rationale for the intervention chosen; justify reasons for choice and support with evidence-based literature.

” With reference to the interdisciplinary team, critically examine the nurses role in managing the intervention.

” Consider the decision-making processes involved.

” Discuss what impact the intervention would have on a patient s condition.

” Critically analyse how the effectiveness of the intervention would be evaluated.

” The work should be supported throughout with relevant references, which justify why and how the intervention is used.

” The essay should show an understanding of the appropriate physiological, psychosocial aspects of the problem and how the intervention can improve outcome.
Refer to instructions below Use Harvard Referencing