Ritical Analysis Effects of Substance Abuse

Critical Analysis Paper of Social Issue
2nd Paper Assignment

1. Select a social problem you are interested in writing about. The topic you select can address either a general (e.g., poverty) or specific topic (e.g., homelessness among women).
2. However, your thesis statement should be more specific, it is easier to write if your topic is more specific, otherwise our paper can get too broad and go in too many directions.
3. Find 3 articles from a social science journal. These articles should be ones not included in the course materials.
4. Write a brief review of each of the three articles. For the articles in social science journals you need only read the abstract, introduction, and conclusions/discussion.
5. State if you agree with analysis of issue, stay in 3rd person when writing though, i.e. the author believes literature showsi?? or we think literature is too vaguei?? be able to support why you think the way you do about the articles you chose.
6. Suggest a social policy to mitigate the negative consequences of the social problem.
7. You do not need to attach copies of your three articles to your papers. Be certain, however, to provide full citations for them.
8. You will be submitting this paper to Turnitin.com. There will be a link posted in Titanium.
9. You will be writing this in the third person.

The outline i have already submitted to this class is shown below. Please follow the outline as closely as possible.

Paper Outline
Effects of Substance Abuse
A. On the individual
1. Drug users experience a wide array of physical effects other than those expected
2. Drug users that share hypodermic needles dramatically increases the risk of contracting AIDS and some types of hepatitis
3. Many drug users often engage in criminal activity to raise money to buy drugs.
B. On the Family
1. The useri??s preoccupation with the substance, plus its effects on mood and performance, can lead to marital problems
2. Drug users can disrupt family life
3. Drug users can create destructive patterns of co-dependency
C. On Society
1. In the workplace i?? costly in terms of lost work and inefficiency
2. Over half the highway deaths in the United States involve alcohol
3. Drug related crime can disrupt neighborhoods due to violence between drug dealers