Ritical Analysis: Late Modernism/Postmodernism Use Sherman Alexie Do not go gentlepg 1678 1681

American Literature (AML2020)
Requirements: 700 word minimum (750 word maximum). Minimum of 4 sources: (1 primary, 3 secondary sources) using MLA format for documentation. Our text is our primary source (Norton Anthology of American Literature, Shorter 7th ed Vol II, so write only about a work (author, poet, playwright) from our text. Do not use Wikipedia as a source.

Note: When determining the word count of an essay, count the title and the paragraphs in the essay, including the introduction paragraph and conclusion paragraph. Do not count anything else.

Assignment: This essay will be like your previous literary analysis in which you were encouraged to write about a late-modern or Postmodern work from our text. Use both primary (our text) and secondary sources (sources other than our text) to analyze your novel. Survey the critical theories in Module 15 to apply to any contemporary or Postmodern author and his or her work from Modules 12-14.

Stylistic Guidelines: Use a primary source material (any of the writings from Modules 12-14) and three secondary sources (relevant research) in your critical analysis of a novel, short story, or poem. Maintain third person objective voice. This can be achieved by focusing your analysis on your thesis and illustrations. (Avoid first person, Iand second person, You”. Instead of You,use The readeror Readers.)

Suggestion: The six Elements of Fiction are as follows: Character, Setting, Plot, Theme, Symbol, and Point-of-view. Pick one or two of the Elements of Fiction and analyze the work you chose to explore using the elements which you choose. If you choose Character (pick no more than two), write about what the character/s represents, what kind of person is this character. If you choose Setting, explain how/why this particular setting is important. If you choose Plot, explain what a character/s gain or lose due to what happens (the plot) in the story. If you choose Theme, identify and explain what the author hopes to accomplish with the theme. If you choose Symbol, identify symbols in your chosen work and explain why the symbol/s are important to the work. If you chose Point-of-View, explain what the author hopes to accomplish by using the particular point-of-view. These are just suggestions.

Introduce quotations, paraphrases, and borrowed ideas in your own words. The introduction, thesis, and topic sentences of your essay should be in your own words. Use quotations to illustrate your primary source literature in your body paragraphs. Follow any quotations with analysis and commentary in your own words. Be sure to end each body paragraph with a re-focus on your thesis statement. End your essay with a summary/conclusion that re-states your main points and thesis. Do not introduce new ideas in your conclusion. Avoid ending paragraphs with questions or quotations. Do not use block quotes (quotes of four lines or more; thats Lines,not sentences).

Documentation: Documentation will be more important in this essay, as you are asked to do more research, using at least 3 secondary sources. These 3 sources should appear throughout your body paragraphs and be accounted for on your Works Cited page. Be sure to document all of your primary and secondary sources.

Use quotation marks for exact wording that is not your own
Follow quotations, paraphrases, and borrowed ideas with citations
Place either authors last name or title in parenthetical citation
Match citations in alphabetized Works Cited
Provide full information of author, title, city, publisher, and date in Works Cited
Place URL or Internet addresses last in Works Cited listings