Ritical analysis of 2 plays ” Wilson,  Fences and Hansberry,  Raisin in the Sun

when you guys send the essay do i have rewrite the whole thing, or just put my name and send,
Critical analysis of a play: You will construct a 1250-1500 word persuasive analysis comparing 2 plays. In this essay, you will use one or more critical approaches to interpret a play. The analysis will include your responses to the questions at the end of the text and your opinion of the play compared to an outside critical text about your literary selections. Document your sources according to the MLA s guidelines. ***In this assignment you may compare A Raisin in the Sun the essay to the recently released DVD modern day version of the play. Or you may compare a few fundamental points between A Raisin in the Sun and Fences. Some points may be the era, the beliefs at that time, the family, etc. Be creative and thought provoking in your writing.