Ritical Analysis of a Historical Science Example, this for Philosophy and Nature of Science class.

a?Critical Analysis of a Historical Science Example.a? This assignment about DNA

Several examples in exist in the history and philosophy of science (e.g. development of knowledge about Copernican Heliocentricism, continental drift, DNA, climate change etc.) that are considered monumental and shifted the paradigm of how people think about the natural world. In November you will submit a paper not exceeding five single spaced pages (11 point font) that addresses the following:
1A detailed account of the historical science example.
2A critical analysis of how the historical example portrays no less than five crucial Natures of science ideas.
3What makes those ideas crucial?
4The importance of teaching students these aspects of the Nature of science from this historical approach.
You will also lead a short discussion that addresses the key points from your paper in class. You must have your historical science example approved before you start. This is first come first serve so please request your topic ASAP. Furthermore, you are responsible for asking questions about this assignment in class.

Please see the attachment file for more details.