Ritical analysis of colour application select an existing example of architecture, art or applied design.

Choose 5 topics from these suggestions that are relevant to your example and discuss why: (1) Colour Notation (2) Colour & cultural differences (3) Colour & symbolic association (4) Categories of Colour (5) Examining the attributes of colour (6) Colour forecasting (7) Theory prehistory (8) Theory Middle Ages (9) Theory Renaissance (10) The experience of colour (11) Visual perception & colour (12) Perceptual effects (13) Colour & human response (14) Colour therapy & colour psychology (15) Colour theory: 18th and 19th centuries (16) Colour theory: 20th to 21th century (17) Colour models & common constructs (18) Colour harmony (19) Seven types of colour contrast (Itten, 1961) (20) Colour combination techniques.

Please note which 5 topics you chose 🙂

Select an existing example of architecture, art or applied design ( graphic, interior, product, textile, urban design, etc).

Identify any weaknesses or strengths in the colour design that help or hinder your example why? Use evidence-based information to support your information.

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