Ritical analysis of current proposals for reforming Credit Rating Agencies in Europe

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Following you will find the Table of Contents:
2. Overview of Credit Rating Agencies and the Credit Rating Purpose
2.1 What is a Credit Rating Agency?
2.1.1 Historical Outline
2.1.2 Fundamental Principles of a Credit Rating Agency
2.1.3 The Impact of Credit Ratings

2.2 Function of a Credit Rating Agency
2.1.2 Introduction to Credit Ratings Definition of Credit Ratings Classification of Ratings Rating Scales and their meanings
2.2.1 Usage by Market participants Investors Issuers Financial Analysts and Intermediaries
2.3.1 Rating Methodology Rating process Quantitative Factors Qualitative Factors

2.3 National and International Credit Rating Agencies
2.3.1 Competition on the credit rating market USA Europe
2.3.2 Revenues

3. Problems arising from current Rating Practice and Regulation approaches
3.1 Problems arising from the Credit Rating Agency Practice
3.1.1. Conflict of Interests
3.1.2. Lack of Transparency
3.1.3. Lack of Competition
3.1.4. The Liability of Rating Agencies
3.2 Misjudgments on company and sovereign ratings
3.2.1 Economic precipitations
3.2.2 Enron Failure 2001
3.2.3 Asian Financial Crisis 1997/98
3.2.4 Subprime Mortgage Crisis 2007
3.3 Analysis of Credit Rating Regulation approaches
3.3.1 Initiation of Regulatory Development
3.3.2 Recent Regulatory Extensions United States European Union

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