Ritical Analysis of Dead As They Come (Ian McEwan)

This assignment is designed to develop your awareness and expression of the male gender dynamics at work in literary texts. On a very basic level, you are engaging with the question  What does this text have to say about masculinity, and about its representation in literature? You cannot, of course, provide a complete close reading of a text of this length, but you must anchor your discussion in direct quotation from, and analysis of, the language of the story itself. Other aspects you may want to consider might include:

A consideration of the gender relationships and hierarchies at work in the text.

* The way in which the texts and ideas we discussed in the  Masculinity in Theory might open up a more sophisticated understanding of the way masculinity is represented in the story. Quote from and reference relevant theoretical texts to advance your argument.
* The writing styles of the text, and whether we might usefully consider it as characteristically masculine or feminine.
* Key symbols and image patterns and/or metaphors in the text, and their implications for an analysis of masculinty.
* The historical context of the text, in relation to its gender dynamics. This may include, but should not be confined to, ideas surrounding authorship.

We do not, of course, expect you to consider all these aspects: select and develop those that seem most important in relation to the short story you choose, and those that most interest you.