Ritical Analysis of decision-making of a student nurse assessment process (Scenario)


Using the attached assessment case scenario (Pt 1& 2) of a final year student nurse, assessment process in clinical placement. Provide a critical analysis of the assessment scenario. Please use the following to structure your analysis:

Cleary state the purpose of the critical analysis and set out the main points you will be discussing in the body of the work.

The body of your analysis should follow a logical sequence and address the major issues arising from the assessment decision. In your discussion you should identify and explore the strength and weaknesses of the assessment supporting your claims and comments with evidence from the scenario and literatures, i.e. NMC standards, National service framework, Department of Health policy. And other recent literatures and articles. Remember to keep focused on the actual assessment scenario and avoid making the discussion too general. You are discussing the actual assessment decision made by the mentor rather than discussing assessment in the abstract. You should also address the following issue from the scenario:
The conduct of the assessment:
Was the assessment process fair, anti-discriminatory were all aspect of the assessment completed; were all assessment regulations complied with?
The assessment decision:
Does it reflect the principles of fair and accurate assessment: does the mentors judgment demonstrate cognisance with the legal and professional issues?
The consequences of the mentoras decision:
For the student, for the mentor, for future patients and for the profession.

You need to reach a conclusion as to the fairness and accuracy of the assessment decision. Draw on all the main points you have raised in your discussion pulling this together into a coherent judgment of the decision. This does not need to be lengthy but must sum up what you have raised in your discussion