Ritical analysis of ethical investments

Details: a?Critical Analysis in the Real Worlda?
Task: You are an analyst for Ethical Investments, a company specialising in investing long-term in companies which are demonstrated to have consistently high business performance, good corporate governance and environmentally friendly practices. You are to undertake research into the prospects of three companies:
Mayne Pharma Limited: A global pharmaceutical company focused on research and development, manufacture, marketing and distribution of injectable and oral pharmaceuticals. Mayne Pharma (MYX) was known as FH Faulding & Co where amongst other activities including pharmaceutical wholesaling and consumer health products, it built success around optimising the delivery of oral dosage form drugs. In 2001, Mayne Group Ltd acquired FH Faulding & Co and then in November 2005, Mayne Group Ltd demerged the business. MYX was listed on the Australian stockmarket (ASX) on 29 June, 2007.
Singapore Telecommunications (SGT): Singapore Telecommunications (SGT) is a leading communication group providing telephony services, data and mobile communication services and postal services in Singapore. SingTel listed on the Singapore Exchange in November 1993, with a market capitalisation of over S$58 billion. SGT floated on the ASX on 10th September 2001 and to date it employs around 19,000 personnel globally. As at 31 March 2007, the Company had revenue up to US$8.41 billion. SGT operates in 37 cities located in 19 countries and territories across Asia Pacific, Europe and the United States. SGT also focuses on the subscription television and the sale of telecommunications products. SingTel is a licensed Internet services provider. SingTel also holds frequency spectrum and license rights from the Info-communications Development Authority of Singapore for the installation, operation and maintenance of third-generation mobile communication systems and services respectively, including wireless broadband systems and services. In August 2008, SingTel acquired 60% interest in Singapore Computer Systems Limited through Computer Systems Holdings Pte. Ltd with the remaining interest acquired on December 15, 2008. The Company serves over 185 million mobile customers in eight markets across Asia outside of China. SGT is providing voice and data services over fixed, wireless and Internet platforms in Singapore and Australia through its 100%-owned subsidiary SingTel Optus. Optus caters services to over six million customers in Australia. The Company has investments in a number of key sophisticated submarine cable and satellite systems across the world and it is considered as the second largest satellite operator in the Asia Pacific region.
Renaissance Uranium (RNU): Renaissance Uranium (RNU) is an Australian-based uranium exploration company which was listed on the Australian Stockmarket (ASX) on 15 December, 2010. The company has acquired tenements comprising 8 prospective projects in key uranium provinces of South Australia and the Northern Territory. The management team recently operated the Beverley uranium mine for Healthgate Resources.

with the aim of recommending a single company in which to invest $500,000. You are to provide a business report of approximately 3,500 words, which analyses the relative merits of these companies and provides a reasoned recommendation for the selection of one of these three. You should analyse the companies in terms of their:
(i) Financial performance and prospects
(ii) Corporate governance performance
(iii) Environmental protection credentials
(iv) Contextual factors (e.g. legal/political issues, global or regional economic pressures, etc.)

Your report must include:
1. Executive Summary (one page only) (not include in the word count)
2. Introduction, which must include a statement of the purpose of the report. Since your recommendation is to be based on multiple, potentially conflicting, criteria (financial merit and environmental merit), you should also include an explanation of how you are going to use these criteria in reaching your decision (for example, only one criterion might be applied as a hurdle requirement, or both criteria might be equally important in your final decision, etc). Your introduction must also include an explanation of the scope of the report, and your methodology (how you obtained your data, and whether it was primary or secondary data).
3. Body (Discussion), which must include a research-based comparative critical analysis of the three companies based on criteria (i) a (iv). Remember, you should be aiming to present an argument as to why one of these three is better than the other two and hence should be chosen.
4. Conclusion/Recommendation, which must clearly state the action to be taken and summarise the reasons for the final choice.
5. Reference List (not include in the word count)

In undertaking this task, you will not be expected to use sophisticated analysis tools. It is sufficient if you provide common-sense analysis of the prospects of the companies against the given criteria, using concepts and principles discussed in this unit.