Ritical Analysis of Hemingwayas a?Hills like White Elephantsa

Develop your own, original, insightful thesis statement that responds to the article. Within your analysis, incorporate one or more elements of critical fiction analysis: plot, narration, point of view, character, setting, or theme.

Your essay should critically analyze your chosen text, featuring your ability to interpret meaning, compare and contrast other works, synthesize new ideas, and demonstrate an awareness of logic and reasoning. Since you have the benefit of revision, you should expect to produce a mechanically sound and stylistic paper, one that clearly presents a thoughtful and original position.

You must cite at least 3 secondary outside sources that in some way strengthen your essay. Your sources might provide additional evidence to support your thesis, illustrate a specific point you have presented, or address the viewpoint of another writer you wish to agree with or argue against.

Please dont use any online sources, and dont take any online material as the references of the essay, and please do not copy or modify from other essays. I want every single word is written by yourself base on your own idea, not copy from online, NO YAHOO ANSWER, STUDYMODE, SPARKNOTE,or SOMETHING LIKE THAT. Please quote the quotation and cited it properly in MLA. Please also follow the grading rubric in order to get highest score.

Thank You