Ritical analysis of hospitality operations

Project Overview: A hospitality company has contacted you for help. Your task is to critically analyze the operations of a hospitality organization.
My organization is AlItalia airlines, and I got to talk about the Financial results (Cost, Revenue, Profit). Also that this company struggles a lot, and having a lot a problems with customers, service etc.

-to recognize and state problem areas in a hospitality operation from different stakeholders perspectives, through a detaled stakeholder analysis and through research.
-to identify the underlining reason(s) behind the problem by using a SWOT analysis.
-analyze through application of theoretical concepts how the management of hospitality operational functions may lead to positive and negative impacts on the major stakeholders, notably, customers, suppliers, staff.

Written report MUST be 6 pages total. The report should contain maximum 1500 words. (table of content and references included). You should use Times New Roman, 12pt, single space.

References: the report should contain at least 6 academic references( books and academic journals), APA style, in text referencing is mandatory. (page6)

Conclusion should summarize the findings of the report. And should not be longer than 1/2 of the page. (page 5)

Critical Analysis: students should conduct research, identify and analyze the problem, its causes and consequences. Students should make a SWOT analysis linked to their topic. (page 3,4)

Introduction: Aim of objectives, methodology, limits of the research, (must be coherent with the report). Should not be longer than 1/2 of the page. (page 2)

Table of Content: Introduction, Critical Analysis, Conclusion, References. (page 1)

Also students are obliged to upload the report with the references onto Turnitin. So i need to make sure that there is no cheating or copying from the web sites. 🙂

Please if You have any questions feel free to ask me.