Ritical analysis of market access with regard to the ECJ rules on free movement of goods

I have a previous order [ 1157773 ] was about a dissertation proposal. with the same paper topic, I would like to edit it. depending on the supervisor comments:-

1There are simple errors, is it the ECJ now for example, yes you may have to refer to the ECJ in a past decision but your title includes this also [ I think the supervisor means the name ECJ should be Court of Justice of European Union] ?

2In terms of methodology, which is the major area, you must explain what it is and contextualise its use to your work. [ Talk about what is Black Letter and why you are adapting it; because looking at courts rules, etc..]

3You also do not consider the ethical dimensions of your work which is a must. [ Ethicals of the writer, there is no ethicals because there is no interviews, etc.. ]

4Add ( The ) to the subtitles

5Put the ( ) in the references correctly. Use OSCOLA properly.

6rewrite the paragraph about EU Integration theory properly, because it has a lot of mistakes. and put it in the beginning . [ the Paragraph start with European Integration Theory needs to be removed and rewrite in a better way and to be in the beginning ]

I will upload the proposal again to have a look on it.

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I uploaded the paper

Ritical analysis of market access with regard to the ECJ rules on free movement of goods

I would like to have an outline for my dissertation based on my previous order which was ( dissertation proposal )
talking about the structure of the dissertation in details, which i think it should be:

Chapter 1: Introduction.
Chapter 2: Theory in context, Literature Review: European Integration Internal Market.
Chapter 3 4: Court of Justice of the European Union Rules on free movement of goods ( market access ).
Chapter 5: Conclusion.

Note: Its important to focus on 2 text books were recommended by the supervisor
1EU Law Text, Cases, and Materials by Paul Craig and Grainne de Burca.
2We the Court: The European Court of Justice and the European Economic by Maduro.

Note 2: i will upload the proposal.

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Dissertation Proposal was uploaded