Ritical Analysis of Mysticism and the concept of oneness with god

The paper is to be a critical analysis of mysticism, in particular emphasis on islamic sufism and Jewish kabbalah. Critique the rationalism behind mystiicm, and the concept of oneness with god. Furthermore, analyse why mystiscm in monotheistic religoens has often been suppressed.Does it threaten traditional forms of worship..? And why it is gaining more popularity in contemporary society.

The Paper need to be approixemently 3000 words. THere needs to be citations in the paper where needed, but with a footnote, and place reference on the foonote. There needs to be at least 10 sources, of which 4 must at least be books. The paper needs to be well researched, but also needs to be critical, So take a standpoint, and support your argument, and answer the concepts I listed above.