Ritical Analysis of Psychopharmacological Applications Paper

Purpose: To acquaint students with psychopharmacological treatment challenges common to a specific client population. For example, psychotropic drugs can present unique challenges when used with the elderly, children, adolescents, different ethnic groups, and during pregnancy.

Content: Your paper should contain all of the following elements:

(1) Client Population: Identify a specific client population with whom you are working or would like to work with.

(2) Identify disorders that are common within the target population (use your DSM-IV-TR for this).

(3) Specify the First-line drugs commonly used to treat the disorder(s)

(4) Special Treatment Considerations: Discuss variables that may make drug treatment difficult or challenging for the target population (e.g., teratogenesis, age-specific physiology, drug interactions, variations in drug response attributable to genetic or ethnic factors, etc.).

(5) Identify alternatives to First-line treatment drugs.

(6) Briefly discuss how you as a counselor might help to manage prescriptive treatment challenges.

Instructions and Format: Your paper should be 5 pages in length, excluding the title page and reference page. The paper must be written in APA format and style.

(1) Use the DSM-IV-TR to identify disorders

(2) Use your text and at least 5 journal articles (peer reviewed only) to identify treatment challenges and treatment options.

Grading Criteria for Applications Paper

Identification of Client Population (5 pts): Does the student specifically identify a target population?

Common Disorders (5 pts): Does the student accurately identify disorders typical of the target population?

First-line Drug Treatments (20 pts): Does the student accurately identify first-line drug treatments for the identified disorder(s)?

Treatment Considerations (20 pts): Does the student discuss and analyze variables that render the psychopharmacological treatment of the target population difficult?

Alternative Treatments (20 pts): Does the student accurately identify alternatives to first-line treatment options that clearly address the treatment challenges?

Counselor Contributions (20 pts): Does the student provide a thoughtful analysis of ways in which a counselor might help to minimize or alleviate psychopharmacological treatment challenges?

APA Style & Format (10 pts): Is the paper written in APA style and format? Does the student cite important points with appropriate references?