Ritical analysis of research report: Social cohesion in diverse communities, Maria Hudson, Joan Phillips, Kathryn Ray and Helen Barnes.2007

Critical analysis of a journal article, research report or book relating to community in contemporary forms of governance; community and citizenship; community; social change and uncertainty:theories.

Assessment criteria
1. There should be a clear focus on the topic of the assignment, beginning with an outline of the approach taken and an indication of the context.
2.Relevant theory and related knowledge should be included.
3.Information snould be supported from published sources and referenced correctly
4.Knowledge should be applied appropiately to the topic of discussion.
5.The line of argument/discussion should be coherent and the assignment concluded appropiately.
6.There should be evidence of appropiate and up-to-date reading to support the argument/discussion in breadth and depth.
7. There should be critical evaluation of the ideas and material which includes independent comment.