Ritical Analysis of Sonnys Bluesby James Baldwin

This is a critical analysis on the short story Sonnys Bluesby James Baldwin. This story is about two brothers journey on the the road of reconciliation and self discovery. I would like the introduction paragraph to first announce the title of the works, that it is a short story, and the author as well as the basis of the story being told in first person, by Sonnys brother, who remains unnamed throughout the story. A brief plot summary as well as the mention of it taking place on the dark streets of harlem. I would like for the thesis to be along the lines of the theme throughout this story is suffering and how Baldwin expresses this through symbolism or about how the story shows the various ways people deal with their suffering as well as others. Some embrace suffering and face it head on, like Sonny. Others hold it inside because of fear of having to face their feelings or the things of their past, like the narrator. Darkness representing pain and suffering and fear of this suffering. The light representing the embracing of this inner turmoil and the hope that can be found by stepping into the light. Mention how Sonny came to his heroin addiction because he always tried to express himself but because others did not understand the way he dealt with things they shut him out and he always felt like no one would listen to him. How his brother didnt contact him after he was arrested until his daughter Grace passed away and he expresses in the story that the loss of his daughter made Sonnys situation real to him. In the end the most significant change in a character in this story was the narrator when he finally came to terms with his own inner turmoil when he finally listened to Sonny when he went to hear him play. How he finally embraced the suffering of his mother, the suffering of his father, the suffering of his wife Isabel, and the loss of his daughter little Grace. How he finally realized that Sonnys music was a way to offer others freedom. How the one thing that all humankind have in common is suffering and how listening to each other can offer us the freedom that we search for instead of suffering in silence. Also, I would like the title to be called Suffering In Silence. Must be written in third person and must contain quotes from the story to back up information. Also, would like mentioned the scene where Sonny and his brother are standing at the window listening to the woman sing and his comment about how much suffering she must of had to go through, so that this shows how sensitive Sonny was to other peoples suffering. And the different symbolism used throughout the story to express all these situations. Must be 5 paragraphs.