Ritical Analysis of studies regarding Austim and whether vaccinations are the cause

Hi. The paper is for my Nursing Psych class. Its a Critical analysis of three studies regarding Autism and if vaccinations are a cause.

Must be an introduction, critical analysis of 3 studies & then the conclusion.
The critical analysis of each study must run consequtively in the paper and then bring together at the conclusion. Paper must have table of contents and bibliography.
I personally am skeptical re: vaccinations being a cause of autism. But am willing to keep an open mind. Please intergrate that in the paper. Im searching for research articles, but have come up dry. Let me know if you are able to do this. I also would prefer the studies to be American based (my professors knows Im no genius!) and without European slang and grammar usage. Please also do not make it too wordy. Simple is perfect. Please email me with any questions!