Ritical Analysis of Technology & Ethics in Pop Culture

Critical Analysis of Technology & Ethics in Pop Culture
Artifacts of pop culture (in this case, movies!) are fertile ground for an in-depth examination of various issues within technology ethics. From George Lucasi?? first motion picture THX-1138 (released in 1971) to the more recent release of Disneyi??s Wall-E (2008), one could argue that science fiction isni??t about science at all; it is about peoplei?? and how they cope with concerns raised by technological advancement and the ethical choices they have to make.
As a creative means to explore the ethics of emerging technologies, you will conduct a critical analysis of one movie/motion picture film that encompasses some form of technology and communicate your analysis in the form of a written essay.
In your paper you will explore the ethical concerns that are raised by particular technologies depicted in the film of your choice and the potential implications for society.
Some examples of appropriate films for analysis include:
The Island
Source Code

I Am Legend
Minority Report
I, Robot

District 9
The Avengers
Iron Man

Man of Steel
Total Recall

Bicentennial Man
My Sisteri??s Keeper
Tron Legacy (2010)
Up in the Air
War Games

Total Recall

OR you may choose a movie on your own, as long as it meets the premise criteria outlined above. It is expected that each student will rent or borrow (from the library or a friend) a copy of the movie they choose in order to view it in its entirety to complete this assignment. The only movie you cannot pick is The Hunger Games. Contact me if you are not sure if your movie works for this assignment.
[THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!] Throughout your paper, you will be expected to make connections between issues raised in the film and the basic ethical theories we have been learning about. For example, our reading i??Ethical principles, reasoning and decision makingi?? by Budinger & Budinger (2006) i?? provides an overview of basic ethical theories and moral principles and should be referenced. You may have other references as well from our other readings, or ones you find on your own.
You will also be expected to critically reflect on the potential concerns for society as you see them.
Written Paper
Essays should be 3-4 pages long (no longer) and written in APA or MLA format, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, with standard 1-inch margins). Please include a title and reference/works cited pagei??but these do not count in your 3-4 pages. In-text citations and a formal reference list in APA or MLA format are an important part of your papers.