Ritical Analysis of the British Crime Survey (Crime in England and Wales, Year Ending December 2012)

The main focus of the essay is this:
Compare the ways in which the British Crime Survey is conducted in comparison to local, national or international crime surveys. What are difficulties for example, in conducting an international crime survey and how do these compare with the British Crime survey.

There is no need to include an Introductions, I would like you to go into answering the question straight away, I need around 5/6 references, So to answer this questions you will need to find other local/national or international surveys to compare it. I will in a few minutes provide you with PDF files of the British Crime Survey that you need to read because this is the main survey which you are using to compare other surveys.

Make sure you use excellent English and it has to be strong academic. Dont jump from one point to another it has to be consistent and every fact, opinion, statement has to be backed up by a reference. Also make sure when you use surveys that you will use to compare to the BCS they are up to date, so this British Survey is for 2012 so the ones you compare it to will have to be somewhere in that date as well