Ritical Analysis of the short story A Shocking Accidentby Graham Greene

OUTLINE: (can be modified/improved)

I. Introduction:

1. Briefly provide background of the story that relates to the theme

2. Thesis statement/Argument:

Jerome, the main protagonist of the story, experiences internal conflict because he is in a denial mode and refuses to accept the death of his father but eventually, he was transformed in the end from a boy whose concerns are light into someone who is mature to accept the reality.

II. Development: (support each explanation with a source)

A. Supporting Passage No. 1:

Page 1191  Jerome said,  What happened to the pig?

Explanation: This marks the first denial stage in the story  he refuses to entertain the idea about his father s death so he transitions the discussion from his father, after hearing the bad news, to the pig.

B. Supporting Passage No.2:

Page 1192  Jerome  rehearsed the method of recounting his father s death. . .

Explanation: The process that takes place as to how he continues to deny the truth behind his father s death shows his refusal to accept the reality. (expound)

C. Supporting Passage No.3:

Page 1193  Jerome s  love for the dead man increased

Explanation: This is just to show that Jerome has not yet been freed and is still trapped from the painful past  he has not reached maturity level yet.

D. Supporting Passage No. 4:

Page 1193   Uncertain whether this quiet love of his would survive if Sally were so insensitive as to laugh when she heard the story of his father s death.

Explanation: Even his personal relationship is affected by his denial and refusal to accept and let go of the truth  he cannot seem to be honest to his lover and tell the truth about the accident.

E. Supporting Passage No. 5:

Page 1194   The miracle happened. Sally did not laugh.

Explanation: This part of the story shows the climax  which also serves as the reversal of the character of Jerome  he is now transformed and is able to accept the truth behind his father s death and even jokingly comments about it by saying to Sally when she asked him what happened to the pig,  they almost certainly had it for dinner.

III. Conclusion

Summarizing points/ affirming the intro:

It is evident that this story is about the transformation of a young boy, from someone whose concerns merely comprise of other people s standard, to someone who is a mature being that is able to accept the truth about his father s death and is able to let go of the past.

It is an inevitable fact that humans, whether they like it or not, can sometimes serve as mere  people-pleasers , even though how senseless it can be  like in Jerome s case, he seems more concerned with what people say regarding his father s death than with the fact that his father died and he doesn t seem so concerned about it.