Ritical Analysis of Uncle Toms Cabin and The Escape

Comparison/contrast: Examine the plays Uncle Toms Cabin and The Escape and how they depict similar conflicts, themes or dramatic actions. Make sure you address only ONE or TWO major points of comparison and that these points lead to a unified insight. Do not simply compile a list of contrasting points:  this play does this....but this play does that.
” Not a  book report that only gives a synopsis of the action, a biography of the author and a general description of the play. A plot synopsis or biographical information only needs to be included if it has some profound, immediate relevance to your insight.
” Not a  review that is a personal opinion of the play with only a superficial analysis that only seeks to find fault or to praise a play. You may argue why a play is praiseworthy or faulty, but you need to construct a reasonably objective and well-documented analysis to prove your view.
” Not a  personal essay that is a relatively formless, emotionally based, subjective reaction to the work without any objective, comparative analysis or logical argument. A subjective reaction to a play (particularly if the play affects your strongly either positively or negatively) is a good starting place for a critical analysis. However, the final result should be a more analytical, well-balanced, logical and that considers opposing points of view. You are trying to persuade the reader about your point of view. Do not assume they will agree with you.
Please write in Times New Roman 12 point font