Ritical Analysis of Walshs: Guarded by Mystery: Meaning in a Postmodern Age

Walsh, David. Guarded by Mystery: Meaning in a Postmodern Age. Washington, D.C.: Catholic
University of America Press, 1999.

Grammatically correct and well-structured papers are important for a successful writing venture but do not insure that the student will receive an a?Aa? for the paper. The student must also demonstrate that he or she has grasped the essential concepts of the book and that he or she can grapple with them intelligently.
b. It is impossible to comment on every aspect of the book in a 7 page paper. Choose 3 or 4 themes that you believe are critical for understanding Harts text, develop them and then evaluate them.
c. Students are expected to know, understand and use the rules for citing sources in Diana Hackeras A Pocket Style Manual.