Ritical analysis of your own personnel leadership approach, with an action plan for developing your own leadership potential”

The essay will need to demonstrate some of the following:
1. Awareness of the historical development of leadership theory, including influence from the USa and Europe.
2. Current influential and established leadership theories , including Kotter, Goleman, Handy, Johnson,Adair,Drucker,Moss Kant.
3. Evidence of teh ability to plan for personal leadership development.
4.Evidence of appilication of relevant management theory and research in support of the development of a logical and coherent argument using skills of self-reflection,analysis,synthesis and evaluation.
5.The background and nature of occupational health and the challenges of working within this context;relevant social and health policy.
6. The context in which both public sector and private sector organisation function,including power issues, politics, gender, class,culture, and appropriate policy and legislation.