Ritical Analysis on Mans Search for Meaning by: Viktor E. Frankl

The paper must be at least 3 pages with a introducttion that includes a thesis and a conclusion. The whole paper must strongly back up the idea of the thesis. This is a critical analysis on the book Mans Search For Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl. The topic should be on survival in concentration camps. You must use at least 3 quotes from the book. After writitng the quote it should be denoted by using parenthesis with the page number inbetween FOR EXAMPLE What did your dream voice answer”(75) the quotes may only be from this book (Mans Search For Meaning by: viktor e. frankl, no outside sources.-Use basic words. No words like Henceor Amid”. Dont try to sound real intellegent just basic words and phrases. Double spaced 12 pt font for the entire paper. I would like a writer fluent in the english language because of past experiences with multiple grammatical errors.