Ritical Analysis on Neil Youngs Be the Rain

This essay was written by my friend who had registered in the same course last semester. it was submitted and marked by the same professor. It was graded by 16 out of 30.

Now I would like to have you guys can help me to edit the essay once again so that the professor will not be able to detect that I re-use this essay and will be charged by plagiarism . The primary job for you guys is to paraphrase the sentences in perfect grammar and improve the standpoints from the essay(because some of the points brought up in the essay were not completely related to Canada and Canadian culture, thats why it was marked with a poor grade.)

Thats why I need your help and Id like to make sure the essay in between 2000 words to 2500 words and the style for essay is Chicago.

Thank you very much.

Critical Analysis (30%) For this assignment, I would like for you to choose a Canadian cultural
text (a song, a painting, a photograph, a piece of literature etc) and write a 8-10 page paper on it
in relation to one course reading and one academic article youve found on your own. I would
like for you to demonstrate how the readings youve chosen help you to interpret the text and
how your cultural product confirms or subverts the theoretical information the articles provide.
Essentially, this assignment has two elements: you will need to demonstrate a) a good grasp of
the main ideas of the readings youve chosen and b) a clear understanding of how these ideas can
be applied to a given text. This assignment is due on March 24.
NB: Since you might choose texts which are not necessarily well-known, it would be a good idea
to provide in your paper a detailed (approximately 3/4s of a page) description of the one youre
writing on.
Submission of Written Work
Assignments will be submitted via the assignments tab on CUlearn. NB: I would like all written
work to be submitted in docx or doc format.