Ritical analysis on Roald Dahls writing style and his influence on my writing.

Critical analysis on roald dahls writing, and how he influenced my writing. This was to be able to take certain painful memories and make them into something creative and also cathartic, a way of being able to express feelings. Mostly childrens stories. His twists and turns, his larger than life characters, and his moral undertow, that ultimately, i you were a good person, things would work out in the end.
Quotes from Matilda, witches,danny, georges marvelous medicine, charlie and the chocolate factory, samples from (augustus gloop poem in ccf), showing styles of onomatopea and his use of similie and descriptive narrative. Show how his painful seperation from his mother and unhappy childhood at boarding school helped him escape into a fantasy world through his stories. Also his influences, like Sarki and Matilda by Hilaire Belloch. Also quotes from Boy about the trouble with being a writer, also Jeremy Treglowns biography .