Ritical Analysis Paper-Ethnographic Observation of a Sub-culture

In at least 600 words, provide an ethnographic study of a sub-culture of your choice. If you are able to observe a group of people on a military base, it will provide you with many interesting options.

Select a sub-culture to identify, observe, analyze, and describe through an anthropological lens. Use these guiding bullets to frame your data gathering process and resulting conclusions:

State and describe in detail the selected sub-culture, location, activity, time, and date
How does this group fulfill the definition of a sub-culture?
What are some similarities and/or differences between individuals? Do these positively or negatively affect group cohesion?
Based on interactions of the group, is it easy to detect and define individual roles and responsibilities?
Based on your observations of wardrobe, language (code-switching, gestures, etc.), gender roles, religion, age, activities taking place, etc., what types of conclusions can you draw about the core values and ideologies of this sub-cultureas a whole?
How do these characteristics of the sub-culture strengthen their bond and reinforce a collective behavior?
Does this sub-culture maintain a harmonious existence within its larger society? Explain how it does or does not.

Suggested observation time: 60 minutes or more

Use APA format to cite at least 3 different academic and scholarly sources that support your observation and analysis