Ritical Analysis Paper: Framing welfare recipients: the relationship between culture and structure

1. Paper should follow MLA format, typed, double-spaced.
2. NOTE that this paper is NOT a book report, but a critical analysis of the role that culture and structural explanations play in our understanding of social issues, using the two assigned books: FLAT BROKE WITH CHILDREN by Sharon Hays, and MORE THAN JUST RACE by WIlliam Julius Wilson, as your data.
3. No bibliography is necessary
4. Use in text-citation (Hays, p. XXX) to cite sources
5. Try to paraphrase if you were to use the authors ideas, in you own words and cite the appropriate page rather than using direct quotes.

This is the question for the paper:
Read Sharon Hays Flat Broke With Childrenin its entirety. How does she describe the importance of culture and social structure in the lives of the welfare recipients she interviewed? How do her findings compare with William Julius Wilsons discussion of culture and structure in More than Just Race”? Discuss what these authors teach us about the relationship between culture and social structure.