Ritical Anaysis of Learning: within a work context

Learning at Work. A detailed analysis of the systematic process of learning, how that learning can be used for personal and professional development.

Here is a detailed approach;

1. Acquire a systematic understanding of the processes involved in learning undertaken in the workplace. How do you learn? What is learning versus mimicry? What defines learning versus developing experience?

2. Evaluate an issue within the work context which has the potential for learning and for personal and professional development. I will look into this and develop the idea with the assigned writer.

3. Propose a strategic response to the issue from a range of alternatives underpinned by knowledge of the appropriate theoretical models or professional practice. What are the theories of learning? What is a suitable strategy to use to learn from a situation and how do you form an APPROPRIATE response?

4. Implement the proposed response as appropriate to work context and evaluate its effectiveness. What measures the effectiveness of the response? Is the intent more important than the response? If the response is a politically guided response and I receive more productivity from the employees: is this logical? Explainable?

5. Apply the skills of analysis and critical thinking to generate innovative solutions to work  based issues. When there is a problem, how would it be approached? Analysis? Dissection? Evaluated against a number of factors like political impact, economic costs, effect, Technological impact, Social impact, Acceptance by the employees and customers?

6. Address any ethical dilemmas likely to arise in the context of the work-based project. Is the approach ethical? How do I know? What defines ethics? Where does business ethics come from and how does business ethics change over time? Is violating ethics bad for business?

7. Reflect on the management of relationships between teams and individuals in the context of their profession or work place. Now, what could / should / happen at the workplace AFTER this change happens. What is likely to change? Will there be more respect, more indifference, more performance, less trust: how do these manifest?