Ritical and Cultural Perspectives of the Music Industry


Students must complete a reflective essay on one of the following two titles:

1. Compare and contrast the INTENT of musical artists in the 1960s and the 1990s. (At least 6
musical artists should be considered.)

2. Compare and contrast one artist from the 1930s and one artist from our present era (2000 
2007) with regard to both the creative and commercial development of their careers.

Your essay must include reference to musical examples.

All sources must be referenced, and your submission should include a detailed bibliography.


Your essay must be prefaced by an Assignment Submission Form, obtained in advance from
Student Relations. The Harvard (Author-Date) referencing system is preferred.


Marks will be awarded according to the relevance of the essay to the essay title chosen.

See the grading guidelines in your Student Handbook for an explanation of how mark and grade
classifications relate to levels of attainment.