Ritical Annotation of Narrative of James Curry, a Fugitive Slave”

READ Narrative of James Curry, a Fugitive Slaveand then
demonstrate and synthesize your knowledge of the conventions of the slave narrative, in particular those of Olaudah Equiano, Frederick Douglass, and Harriet Jacobs.

Your annotations should convey your interpretation, analysis, and interrogation of the text as it relates to the texts of Equiano, Douglass, and Jacobs. That is, your annotations should mark where Currys text resonates with or diverges from Equianos, Douglasss, and Jacobss text, and why you believe those resonances and divergences exist. Saying why is crucial here: Whats at stake in these commonalities and differences, and what might be the reason for those intersections and disjunctions? Im most interested in what you think, and how you demonstrate your understanding of these classic slave narratives, so rather than quantity -how many similarities or differences can you find -aim for quality -what do you thinks going on here? Whats it mean; whys it significant?