Ritical appraisal of a qualitative research paper

Write an assessment of the above paper, using the framework for critical appraisal of qualitative research established in workshop 4.
Your appraisal should be 1000-1500 words long (you should aim to write 100-150 words on each). Each of the 10 points of appraisal (see workshop notes for details) will be given equal weight when marking.
Issue date: week commencing 9th March 2009
Submission date: 23 April 2009
Return date: 14 May 2009

workshop detail are attached.

Qualitative Appraisal Tool is the instruction to do it. And i have also attached the review pdf as well which might help. and the original instruction document.
Bissel, P., Blenkinsopp, A., Short, D., and Mason, L. (2008). Patients experiences of a community pharmacy-led medioines management service. Health and Social Care in the Community. 16(4): 363-369. this is the reference but should be harvard style