Ritical Appraisal of A Research Study Relevant to Clinical Practice

Summative Assessment ., essay should be no longer the 2500 words
Research for Healthcare Professionals (HECS 2073)

Critical Appraisal of A Research Study Relevant to Clinical Practice (2500 words)
(Weighting 100%)

Submission date: 20th May 2008

Aim: The purpose of this assignment is to critically appraise a published research paper relevant to practice.

Guidelines& & & .select one paper from the choice below

Nursing : Adult

LANDMARK B, T., STRANDMARK A, K. & WAHL A, K. 2001. Living with newly diagnosed breast cancer  the meaning of existential issues. Cancer Nursing, 24, 3, 220 -226

TUTTON E., SEERS K. & LANGSTAFF D. 2007. Professional nursing culture on a trauma unit: experiences of patients and staff. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 61 (2), 145 -153

ZAYBAK A. & KHORSHID L. 2007. A study on the effect of the duration of subcutaneous heparin injection on bruising and pain. Journal of Clinical Nursing,17, 378 -385

You will then:

1. Select one research paper from the choice of three published studies pertinent to your branch of professional practice.

2. Choose a critical appraisal tool/framework which is appropriate for the methodology of your chosen study. You are advised to discuss your choice of framework with your Academic Supervisor. This framework should be attached as an appendix.

3. Your critique should be written in a discursive academic essay style, including an introduction, briefly illustrating the relevance of critical appraisal skills for practice and providing a rationale for your choice of framework.

4. Use your chosen framework to identify and appraise key aspects of methodology.

5. Your critique should demonstrate a breadth of reading of appropriate research texts. These should be referenced using the Harvard system and be used appropriately to support points raised within your argument/debate. References for your chosen article and framework should be included in your reference list.

6. Comment should also specifically relate to the potential application of this research to practice or clinical knowledge development.

N.B. The relevant articles can be accessed electronically on-line as well as obtained as  hard-copy from the appropriate journals in the Health Sciences Library

to help i will attatch every hand out and lecture i have had on the topic
Reading List: HECS 2073 (* electronic version available)

You must adhere strictly to the conventions for using the Harvard standard as indicated on the library web page. The electronic links to this is:

ca nice.org.uk/index.htm uk/inst/crd
nhs.uk uk/casp/critical_appraisal_tools.htm