Ritical Appraisal of Contemporary Urban Housing Problems

Critical Appraisal of Contemporary Urban Housing Problems

Weighting: 50%

Length: 3000 Words

Format: Policy Report

Task: The State of Housing in the UK: Report to the City Council with Recommendations for Action

The City Council in the UK have commissioned you to provide them with a report, including recommendations, on the housing situation in their city. The city has recently hosted the European City of Culture and claims to be  on the up . This is indicated by the amount of residential development in the city centre as well as inward flows of investment which are creating jobs. However, the city also has wide disparities in income and wealth. Demand for its housing varies, with some (suburban) areas of the city considered to be very attractive to house buyers whereas other inner areas are considered to be less attractive to buyers. Long term housing trends have meant that the housing stock in some areas has also been neglected by its owners, whereas changes in social housing policy at the national level have resulted in the run-down of social housing in the city. The City Council are concerned to get a better understanding of these trends and what to do about them so have commissioned you to write a report that can inform their thinking. They have provided you with the following objectives;

Describe the key housing trends in the city
Examine the likely causes of these trends
Examine the implications of these trends
Outline recommendations for housing policy action

Your report should be no longer than 3000 words. It should be written in a report format and therefore presented in sections that address each of the objectives in turn. For instance, section 1 should describe the key housing trends in the city; section 2 should examine the likely causes of these trends and so on.

Key references that will help you in this task are as follows:

Allen, C. 2008. Housing market Renewal and Social Class. London, Routledge

Cole, I. and Nevin, B. 2004. The Road to Renewal: The Early Development of the Housing Market Renewal Programme. York, York Publishing Services


Karn, V., Kemeny, J. and Williams, P. 1985. Home Ownership in the Inner City: Salvatiojn or despair? Aldershot, Gower

Leather, P. et al. 2007. National Evaluation of the HMR Pathfinder Programme. London, DCLG uk/%5Carticleimages%5Cm62%20study.pdf

The following web sites are also useful;




Other Cities:






Assessed Coursework Criteria

1. Essays should address and explore the question, adhering to any particular requirements (e.g.  discuss with reference to examples ).

2. Essays should have a clear and coherent structure, as structure is an integral aspect of constructing an argument.

3. Essays are expected to be written clearly and in grammatical English, with attention to wording, sentence structure, spelling and grammar.

4. Most/ many essays in Sociology require discussion of empirical or substantive material of some type (e.g. historical material; case studies; background data for fieldwork conducted). Your discussion should display good knowledge of the topic and should not contain factual errors. Contradictions within essays are usually an indication of lack of understanding of the material.

5. Ability to undertake sociological analysis is one of the most important aspects of an essay. Most essays require that you link theoretical perspectives and substantive work in some way.

6. referencing should be thorough and accurate Cite sources with page numbers for all direct quotations and statistics.

7. The appropriate length of a bibliography will differ for different levels of study and (sometimes) by topic of study. As a rough guide, a good standard Year 2/Stage 5 essay would usually contain 6-8 sources, most of these being substantial published sources (books, book chapters/journal articles).