Ritical appraisal of Research Papers Women s views about management and cause of urinary tract infection: qualitative interview study”

The assignment consists of an appraisal of a selected research paper. The assignment will be assessed by the member of the course team who has facilitated your group discussion and may be sample marked by another member of the course team, and moderated by the external examiner for the programme.

Your assignment should aim to demonstrate the following:

Subject mastery  you should demonstrate that you can
” Assess the research s quality
” Formulate unbiased conclusions from the information in the research paper
” Assess its contribution to knowledge and practice

General Critical Appraisal Skills  you should demonstrate that you can
” Apply appropriate intellectual skills when appraising the study
” Appraise the study constructively and systematically
” Demonstrate a depth of understanding of research design.

Please use double spacing, font size 11, Times New Roman or Arial, and number your pages consecutively.

Word count
The word count for this assignment is 1500 words (+10%). Therefore the absolute maximum limit is 1650 words. Please note that if you submit work over the word limit you may have your mark restricted to 40 %.