Ritical Assessment of a published qualitative research article

Write a critical assessment of the article i??Genre, ethnocentricity and bilingualism in the English classroomi?? by A. Moore, taken from the book Woods, P. & Hammersley, M. (eds.) 1993 Gender & Ethnicity in schools: ethnographic accounts. pp. 166-190. London & New York: Routledge.

Guidance Notes
In writing your assessment you can draw on what you have learned about qualitative research in the taught sessions on the course. You could also, for instance, revisit the recommended course pre-reading and further reading about qualitative research. In addition there is a wide range of texts in the library about qualitative research.

In constructing your text you must offer a fair summary of what the author claims for his work in his own terms before developing your own critical commentary.

Remember that you are being asked to judge the text as a report on a piece of qualitative research and this should be your sole focus.

You are encouraged to develop your critical assessment in your own way, but among the questions you might like to consider are:

To what extent are the research methods described appropriate to the nature of the question(s) being asked?

How far does the research address any existing theory about language and/or literacy?

How precise are the units of research forming the focus of the article? (e.g. individuals, groups, institutions, events)

What kind of account is given of how and why the particular unit(s) of study was/were selected?

How clear a picture are we offered about how the research data was collected and analysed?

What kinds of evidence does the author offer to support his arguments and how convinced are you by this evidence?

How does the writer handle parts of his research data which go against the central arguments he wants to make?

What are the limitations of the article? How aware is the researcher of these limitations?

Contemporary qualitative research must pay close attention to the ethics and politics of research. How well has this researcher handled these matters?

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please read the article and criticise through answering all questions.