Ritical Assessment of Two Music Reviews about 1 CD

The purpose of this essay is to comparatively exmine the aesthetic criteria used in two contrasting jazz or popular music review/critiques for Jamie Cullums album The Pursuit”.

1) References to two contrasting reviews of the CD and those should come from published music critics(from newspapers, magazines, industry website like allmusic.com or billboard.com, etc.) but NOT fans websites, blogs, amazon.com commentes, or the like.

2) An examination and comparison of the aesthetic criteria used in each review to establish why the music was considered good or bad.

3) Your own opinions about the aesthetic merit of the album and how the relate to the two reviews.
4)Citations in APA format of all the sources.
5) A reference list in APA format at the end of your paper listing.
6) A discography including any recordings that have been referred to.
7) approaximately 3 pages long (1000 words) in 12 pt font and 1margins.