Ritical Assessment of Two Music Reviews

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My choice of the album is Corinne Bailey Raes Corinne Bailey Rae”.
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Ritical Assessment of Two Music Reviews

The purpose of this small essay is to comparatively examine the aesthetic criteria used in two contrasting jazz or popular music reviews/critiques for an album of your choice (made within the last ten years). Reference to one or more of our Coursepack articles is welcome but not required. This short essay must include the following:
(1) References to two contrasting reviews of a CD (meaning one that reviews the record positively and the other that pans it). These reviews should come from published music critics (from newspapers, magazines, industry websites like allmusic.com or billboard.com, etc.) but NOT fansa websites, blogs, amazon.com comments, or the like.
(2) An examination and comparison of the aesthetic criteria used in each review to establish why the music was considered good or bad. (Note: often critics do not explicitly state the criteria they use and so you will most likely need to a?read between the linesa?).
(3) Your own opinions about the aesthetic merit of your chosen album and how they relate to the two reviews.
(4) Citations (in APA format) of all your sources.
(5) A reference list in APA format at the end of your paper listing all sources you have referred to in your text.
(6) A discography including any recordings you have referred to (one possible source for this format is available at grammar will be heavily penalized!)

DUE DATE: Thursday, November 24th

Have you titled your work?
Is your assignment well organized, i.e., does it have an introduction, a thesis statement, a supporting argument organized in logical paragraphs in Hypothesis +Evidence format, and a conclusion?
Have you spell-checked your assignment?
Have you proofread your assignment, both before and after printing it?
Have you used formal (scholarly, as opposed to informal or colloquial) language in your assignment?
Is your assignment stapled?
Have you included citations in parenthetical-reference format (according to APA guidelines*) for all quotations and information you have provided that is not common knowledge? (Not doing so constitutes plagiarism.)
Have you provided a reference list in APA format?
Have you provided a discography in APA format?
Have you put song and article titles in quotation marks in your text (e.g., Led Zeppelins Black Dog”)?
Have you put album and book titles in italics in your text (e.g., The Beatles Abbey Road)?

* Please note that APA style applies not just to bibliographies, but to formatting, citation, etc., within the body of a paper as well.