Ritical Book Review for The Tragedy of American Diplomacybased on the introduction through Chapter 5 only

The goal is to gain an understanding about what the book is about and then to offer a critique pointing to its strengths and weaknesses as you perceive them.

The bulk of the review should be concerned with two questions: What is the thesis? and What are some salient examples that bear out the thesis?

Other questions to consider are: How is the book organized? What are the sources are they secondary or primary? Is the history convincing? What weaknesses, if any, can you detect in the argument? Is it a good story? How informative was it? How accessible is it?
Would you recommend it to others?

Paper must be double-spaced with 1-inch margins. All quoted material from book must be in citation marks and when you quoting the book, you just need to give the page number in parenthesis.