Ritical book review of You Dont Always Get What You Paid For”

The sclar Book is called: You Dont Always Get What You Paid For”

The commentary will be a short exposition (1000-1200 words) of the assigned book and an attempt, if appropriate, to put the ideas into a Canadian context. You will comment on the way in which the authoras ideas may, or may not, work in a Canadian context. You should examine the authoras aims, premises, and evidence pointing out any ambiguities and doubtful assertions that make the implementation of his/her ideas problematic. Papers will be graded on their style, organization and evaluation of the authoras arguments and evidence. Be sure to include an introduction that sets out your strategy for tackling the assignment and a conclusion that sums up what you have said. Remember this is a critical book review, not a research paper, but it must be properly documented (footnotes etc.) if necessary. Students should consult reviews in journals for a template of the correct approach.