Ritical Book Review: Pearl Bucks The Good Earth

1 . Write a synopsis of the book in one concise paragraph (5/6 sentences).
2. What the authors purpose for writing the book? What are the themes or message the author wants to leave with you, the reader? Was this clearly expressed?. How? If not, what elements of the book serve to confuse the reader? Were conclusions offered? Were the conclusions sound based upon her knowledge of China. For what audience was the book intended?
You might what to consider such issues as:
” How accurate a portrayal of life in China is this novel?
” What qualified the author to write this book?
” How well received was the book in the United States?
” What parallel events were occurring in the United States in the 1930s that
would help the appeal of this novel?
” How does the author describe the treatment of women in China?
” To what extent is this novel a morality tale?
3. Provide a critical analysis of the authors writing style, research, authenticity, biases and prejudices and approach to the subject matter. Is the book concise, well written, and convincing? Support you ideas and thoughts with those of professional critics. You should use ProQuest, Wilson Web, Lexis/Nexis for professional book reviews. When you cite reviewers comments you must document properly. Use MLA format.
4. Concluding paragraph: Of what value is this book for the student of recent East Asian history? Explain both the strength and weaknesses (if any) for the student. Do you think the book adds to class instruction and our learning about life in East Asia? Would you recommend it to others?